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Manager, Finance and Business Operations


This is a Contract position in Brampton, ON posted January 23, 2023.

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Description of the relationships ‘, ‘and liaisons ‘, ‘with other functions’, ‘ and the nature of these’, ‘ interactions’, ‘. Include both int’, ‘ernal and external contacts’, ‘Direct Reports’, ‘Junior’, ‘ Fina’, ‘ncial Analyst’, ‘Financial Analyst’, ‘xa0’, ‘Internal’, ‘Partner with various business functions within the organization to drive continuous i’, ‘mprovements’, ‘External’, ‘None’, ‘KNOWLEDGE, EDUCATION AND EXPERIENCE ‘, ‘K’, ‘nowledge, e’, ‘ducation’, ‘al requirements ‘, ‘and ‘, ‘relative e’, ‘xperience’, ‘ required to perform the job’, ‘Strong business acumen’, ‘ with s’, ‘trong analytical and problem solving skills ‘, ‘Bachelor’s degree in fina’, ‘nce’, ‘;’, ‘ MBA is a plus’, ‘CPA’, ‘ de’, ‘signation’, ‘ or’, ‘ ‘, ‘working towards CPA’, ‘ ‘, ‘is a ‘, ‘strong asset’, ‘Demonstrate’, ‘d’, ‘ strong operatio’, ‘nal financial experience preferably in a multisite setting’, ‘5+ year’, ‘’’, ‘s work experience’, ‘ in ‘, ‘financial planning & anal’, ‘ysis’, ‘ with a minimum of 3 years in management role’, ‘xa0’, ‘SKILLS AND A’, ‘BILITIES’, ‘ ‘, ‘T’, ‘echnical’, ‘ and social process skills ‘, ‘require’, ‘d to perform the job’, ‘Techn’, ‘ical Skills’, ‘Advanced competency level with Microsoft products including: Excel, Word, PowerPoint and Outlook, Great Plains a preference or comparable financial software and repo’, ‘rting tools ‘, ‘E’, ‘xperience with ‘, ‘business’, ‘ ‘, ‘intelligence’, ‘ ‘, ‘and ‘, ‘data ‘, ‘analytics’, ‘ ‘, ‘platforms’, ‘ (‘, ‘i.e’, ‘. ‘, ‘Mi’, ‘crosoft ‘, ‘Power’, ‘ ‘, ‘BI, Metabase’, ‘, etc.’, ‘) ‘, ‘is a plus’, ‘Sound understanding of business planning’, ‘ processes, business case development and capital planning, and ability to assess an’, ‘d implement risk mitigation strategies’, ‘Experience in Standard Costing’, ‘Knowledge’, ‘able in six sigma methodology and tool’, ‘s’, ‘Experience preferred in development of Annual Operati’, ‘ng Plan and Strategic Plans’, ‘xa0’, ‘Social Process Skills’, ‘Superior oral ‘, ‘and written communi’, ‘cation skills with keen attention to detail, and ‘, ‘ability to effectively manage ‘, ‘constraints and competing priorities ‘, ‘Demonstrated success at building relationships and coll’, ‘aborating with a network of internal and external colleagues and subject matter expe’, ‘rts’, ‘Team player that has the ability to work under pressure and apply independe’, ‘ntly time management and prioritization of task ‘, ‘xa0’, ‘OTHER CONSIDERATIONS’, ‘ ‘, ‘O’, ‘ther relevant or im’, ‘portant’, ‘ information regarding this job’, ‘Confidentiality’, ‘Preserve and safeguard all co’, ‘nfidential employee information during the course of employment with Dynacare’, ‘xa0’, ‘WORKING CONDITIONS ‘, ‘Physical and Environmental Demands’, ‘Hybrid’, ‘ ‘, ‘office environment’, ‘xa0’, ‘xa0’, ‘xa0’, ‘xa0’, ‘n n ‘]